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Tuesday, January 30
Yesterday’s TSA checkpoint numbers
TSA officers screened 2,075,944 people at airport checkpoints nationwide yesterday, January 29. One year ago on the same day: 1,932,983. (TSA)

Investigators detail how an American Airlines jet crossed a runway in front of a Delta plane at JFK
The pilots of an American Airlines plane taxied across the wrong runway last year in New York — into the path of another jetliner that was taking off — after the captain became distracted and confused about takeoff instructions and the co-pilot lost track of their plane’s location, according to documents released Monday. AP

Super Bowl ticket prices hit record levels
Ticket prices for this year’s Super Bowl matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers might even make billionaire Taylor Swift blush. As of Monday, the February 11 game is the most expensive Super Bowl on record, according to TickPick. The average price is hovering around $9,800, which is 70% more expensive than last year’s big game. CNN Business


Pilot believes he found Amelia Earhart’s plane on the ocean floor
For nearly 90 years, the world has been vexed by the disappearance of Amelia Earhart and her plane. Back in 1937, Earhart and navigator Fred Noonan left Miami in a Lockheed Electra 10-E plane on a journey that would make Earhart the first woman to fly around the world. But with just 7,000 miles left on the trip, Earhart and Noonan lost radio contact near the Howland Islands, nearly 2,000 miles southwest of Hawaii. KTLA

Finnair cancels two days of flights ahead of strike
Finnair will cancel nearly its entire schedule on Feb. 1 and 2 due to strikes involving several government employee unions that will impact Helsinki Airport. In total, Finnair will cancel 550 flights over those two days out of the approximately 560 it would typically operate. Travel Weekly


Tropicana Las Vegas to close April 2, making way for baseball stadium
The Tropicana Las Vegas will cease operations on April 2, and the hotel will be demolished to make way for a 30,000-seat Major League ballpark where the Athletics (A’s) would play. An integrated resort-and-ballpark complex would rise on the southeast intersection of Tropicana Avenue and the Las Vegas Strip. The A’s, which are moving to Las Vegas from Oakland, Calif., have not released updated ballpark renderings or detailed how they plan to pay for the facility, which reportedly has a price tag of $1.5 billion. Travel Weekly


At least 4 dead after boat carrying tourists sinks near Cancun
At least four people are dead after a boat carrying over a dozen tourists sank in the waters off the coast of Cancun. The boat, which was traveling from Isla Mujeres to Puerto Juárez, caught a strong sea swell and the vessel began to sink as it took on water, ABC News has learned from officials close to the investigation. ABC News

American Airlines to lay off 656 workers for new customer service team
American Airlines announced the layoff of hundreds of employees Monday as the carrier seeks to reorganize and improve its customer service team, according to the airline. “Today, we announced updates to our contact center organization that will help us better serve our customers. As part of these updates, we are creating a new Customer Success team that will be dedicated to providing more convenient, elevated support to American Airlines customers with some of their most complex travel needs,” the airline said in a statement to KXAS-TV. USA Today


JetBlue swings to a loss, forecasts lower capacity in 2024
JetBlue Airways swung to a loss in the fourth quarter and forecast lower capacity this year as it scrambles to return to profitability. JetBlue said it expects 2024 capacity to be down in the low single digits and that its adjusted margins could approach breakeven. The carrier didn’t mention its merger agreement with Spirit, a deal a federal judge blocked earlier this month. CNBC

Why are farmers protesting in France and other parts of Europe?
French farmers blocked major highways to Paris on Monday as they pursue protests over a range of grievances, despite several measures announced by the government. Here are some of the issues that have prompted the protest movement and what the government could do next. Reuters


2024’s total solar eclipse will pass through over a dozen states. Here’s where to see it.
You may not have to travel too far to get a glimpse of the total solar eclipse this spring. More than a dozen U.S. states from Texas to Maine are in the path of totality for the April 8 phenomenon, when the moon entirely blocks the face of the sun as it passes between the sun and Earth, according to NASA. USA Today


No rain in Spain: People take to the beach in heat wave
Abnormally high temperatures for the season continue in many parts of Spain over the weekend. The hot spell has led to an almost summer-like feel in many coastal areas as people take to the beaches to sunbathe or have a winter swim. The country’s AEMET weather agency said the high temperatures affecting southern Europe are due to an anticyclone carrying a hot air mass from further south. It said that the lack of cloud cover also led to increased temperatures. Travel Industry Today


Monday, January 29
Yesterday’s TSA checkpoint numbers
TSA officers screened 2,255,804 people at airport checkpoints nationwide yesterday, January 28. One year ago on the same day: 2,144,644. (TSA)

6 suffer minor injuries as American Airlines flight makes ‘hard landing’ in Maui
Six people were hospitalized for minor injuries and later released following the “hard landing” of an American Airlines jetliner at Kahului Airport in Maui, Hawaii, on Saturday, Federal Aviation Administration and airline officials said. According to an FAA statement, the American Airlines Airbus A320 “made a hard landing” on an airport runway around 2 p.m. local time. Those hospitalized included one passenger and five flight attendants, American said in a separate statement. NBC News


Protests as bullfighting returns to Mexico City
Animal rights activists have protested against the return of bullfighting to Mexico City after almost two years. The city held its first bullfight since 2022 on Sunday. A judge had ordered the indefinite suspension of the practice – which dates back to the 16th Century in Mexico – agreeing with animal rights activists who had filed a suit. The Supreme Court revoked the decision last month, but a legal battle between supporters and opponents is likely.  BBC


‘Mona Lisa’: Protesters hurl soup at the painting at the Louvre in Paris
Protesters hurled soup at the “Mona Lisa” painting in Paris on Sunday, but it was protected from damage by its glass casing. The environmental group Riposte Alimentaire — which roughly translates to “Food Response” — said two protesters involved with its campaign were behind the vandalism. CNN


Striking hotel workers attacked in downtown LA
Police are seeking the public’s help to find out who’s been assaulting striking workers in downtown Los Angeles after two recent attacks, authorities announced Sunday. The first incident occurred around 10:15 a.m. Jan. 21 in the 900 block of Figueroa Street, where a picket line had formed in front of a hotel, police said. A man and woman in the group were hit by metal ball bearings and suffered minor abrasions, according to police. Patch


United CEO kickstarts Airbus talks amid Boeing delays- sources
United Airlines has approached Airbus about buying more A321neo jets to fill a potential void left by the delayed Boeing 737 MAX 10, in a trade-off likely to ease deadlock over a long-delayed separate order for larger jets, industry sources said. Reuters

Delta retrofitting its Boeing 737-800 NGs with its newest first-class seats
Delta has begun retrofitting its remaining older generation Boeing 737-800s. The first of the retrofitted planes entered service last weekend. Delta has 77 737-800s NGs in its fleet, according to Planespotters.net. Travel Weekly


No timetable for reopening train service through San Clemente after landslide
Train service between Orange and San Diego counties remains disrupted after a landslide in San Clemente with no timetable for reopening the tracks through the area, a spokesman for the regional rail authority said Saturday. The Wednesday slope failure sent debris onto the tracks in the southern Orange County city, halting service the between Laguna Niguel/Mission Viejo and Oceanside stations, and stranding Metrolink and Surfliner passengers. Los Angeles Times


PDX-bound American Airlines flight diverted; Pilot says engine stalled in distress call
A flight from Charlotte, NC to Portland International Airport was diverted due to a “possible mechanical issue” on Thursday, an American Airlines spokesperson said. In a recording of the pilot’s distress call accessed by FOX 12 on Friday, the pilot says one of the engines on the Airbus A321 had stalled mid-flight. KPTV

Woman says she lost voice screaming after she was stuck overnight on ski resort gondola
A woman who was stuck overnight Thursday in a gondola at a Lake Tahoe, California, ski resort told CNN affiliate KCRA she “screamed desperately until I lost my voice.” Monica Laso, who had planned a ski trip with her friends, didn’t imagine that she would spend a night hanging in the sky on a gondola, she told KCRA in an interview translated from Spanish. CNN


Russian man who flew from Denmark to LAX without a ticket or passport is found guilty of being a stowaway
A Russian man who flew from Copenhagen, Denmark, to Los Angeles International Airport without a ticket, passport or visa has been found guilty of being a stowaway on an aircraft, authorities said Friday. Sergey Vladimirovich Ochigava, 46, was convicted by a jury and faces a statutory maximum sentence of five years in federal prison, according to a news release from the US Attorney’s Office in the Central District of California. CNN

Two-year-old British boy is ‘youngest ever’ to reach Everest base camp
A two-year-old British boy is thought to be the youngest person ever to reach Everest Base Camp. Ross Dallas took son Carter to the mountain’s southern campsite, which is located 17,598ft above sea level. Mr Dallas, 35, completed the trek with Carter on his back and alongside the toddler’s mother, Jade, 31. The Telegraph

Sunday, January 28
Yesterday’s TSA checkpoint numbers
TSA officers screened 1,772,385 people at airport checkpoints nationwide yesterday, January 27. One year ago on the same day: 1,653,401. (TSA)

Alaska Air demands Boeing pay for its $150 million loss
Alaska Airlines plans to hold Boeingaccountable for every penny the carrier lost following what nearly was the first fatal U.S. commercial aviation accident in 15 years. The company grounded its entire fleet of Boeing 737 Max 9 aircraft earlier this month to ensure none of the other 64 planes would lose parts of their fuselage in midair after a door plug on Alaska’s Flight 1282 blew off at 16,000 feet. Fortune

Bahamas warning: Be ‘extremely’ careful as 18 murders in ‘broad daylight’ rock the island
The US has issued a stern warning to Americans planning a Caribbean getaway this winter. Tourists should “exercise extreme caution” on the main island of New Providence in the Bahamas, according to the US embassy in the country. The security alert comes after 18 murders have rocked Nassau since the beginning of the year. Daily Express

Cruise operator Carnival warns of impact to operations amid Red Sea tensions
Cruise operator Carnival on Friday joined the list of companies flagging a potential hit to their operations following attacks on ships in the Red Sea by the Iran-backed Houthis. “We believe that the instability in the Red Sea region currently impacting shipping could have an impact on our results of operations,” Carnival said in a regulatory filing. Reuters

Woman refuses to give up plane seat so mom and son can sit together
The plane etiquette debate on whether a person should give up their seat so a family can sit together has long raged on. But it usually involves a solo traveller not willing to give up their window or aisle seat. Now, a fresh twist on the debate has emerged on Reddit, with a solo flyer refusing to give up her middle seat and instead opting to sit between a mother and her child. NY Post


The most expensive state to live in is not California or New York, according to data. See the top 10.
Hawaii is the most expensive state in the nation due to its location. Hawaii cannot produce everything it needs, so it must bring in most goods and services, which significantly adds to costs for everyday goods like groceries. Hawaii residents also pay far more for electricity than other states because utilities use a lot of petroleum to generate electricity. In June 2022, it cost residents an average of 44.09 cents per kilowatt hour compared to the U.S. average of 15.42 cents, according to the Energy Information Administration. Stacker


Conservatives are so scared of diversity they’re starting to boycott ‘Woke’ airlines
Nervous fliers are nothing new, and the fear of air travel is as common as they come. But a cohort of right-wingers have convinced themselves that planes are more dangerous than ever because of airlines’ diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) policies, which they baselessly argue have put unqualified flight crews in the cockpit. Lately, some have even expressed racist doubts in the abilities of Black pilots or pledged not to fly on commercial carriers that support for the LGBTQ community. Rolling Stone

Should you take off your shoes in the house? Scientists weigh in.
So are there disadvantages to having a shoe-free household? Beyond the occasional stubbed toe, from an environmental health standpoint there aren’t many downsides to having a shoe-free house. Leaving your shoes at the entry mat also leaves potentially harmful pathogens there as well. We all know prevention is far better than treatment and taking shoes off at the door is a basic and easy prevention activity for many of us. Need shoes for foot support? Easy — just have some “indoor shoes” that never get worn outside. CBS News


Resident dogs bring friendly, furry faces to hotel lobbies
Plenty of hotels flaunt their pet-friendly status these days, but some properties are going a step further, appointing a resident pup to serve as the face of their front of house. And they are even teaming up with local rescue organizations to help dogs find forever homes.  Travel Weekly


Dining at the best restaurant in one of America’s worst airports
Name me a place in this country where money and caste are brazenly delineated, and I’ll raise you: the airport. For the vast majority of us, air travel is now a grind: expensive, exhausting, if not downright exasperating. But for the elite, a better world awaits. While you grab $7 Chex Mix at Hudson News, the rich cool their heels in a lounge with flutes full of brut. Feel their pitying gaze as you shuffle past the front of the plane, clattering your carry-on through the aisle to your basic economy seat. The screaming kids never seem to be in business class.  Washington Post


The world’s most dangerous — and safest — countries for travel in 2024
African nations Libya and South Sudan have emerged as places with “extreme” security risks, which is associated with countries with “minimal or non-existent government control and law and order” and barely functional government and transport services, according to International SOS. Countries with “high” security risks suffer from protests that are frequently violent and could target foreigners. Venezuela, Pakistan and Burma fall in this category. CNBC

These Are the Busiest Flight Routes in the World
This fall, international air traffic reached 98.2 percent of what it was prepandemic, according to the latest data from the International Air Transport Association (IATA). In other words, global citizens are traveling the world with almost the same fervor as they were in 2019. Afar


The case for letting older airline pilots keep flying
An effort underway to raise the mandatory retirement age for U.S. airline pilots from 65 to 67 faces plenty of opposition. Although controversial, such a change would not only provide a bit of quick relief to the U.S. pilot shortage but also has the potential to increase safety. Travel Weekly

Saturday, January 27
Yesterday’s TSA checkpoint numbers
TSA officers screened TSA DOESN’T UPDATE ON WEEKENDS people at airport checkpoints nationwide yesterday, January 26. One year ago on the same day: 2,097,825. (TSA)

Alaska fly its Boeing 737 Max 9 planes again
Alaska Airlines will resume flying its Boeing 737 Max 9 planes on Friday afternoon. The airline’s first Max 9 operation — following a nearly three-week FAA grounding of the aircraft after the exit-door plug blew out of one of its planes — will be Flight 1146 from Seattle to San Diego, which is scheduled for departure on Friday, Jan. 26, at 2:20 p.m. Pacific time. Travel Weekly


JetBlue tells Spirit Airlines that it may terminate its $3.8 billion buyout offer challenged by US
JetBlue Airways warned that it may end its bid to acquire low-cost carrier Spirit Airlines as soon as this weekend after a federal judge blocked the deal, sending Spirit shares sharply lower Friday. Spirit shot back that it finds no reason to terminate the deal and will continue to meet its obligations, “and it expects JetBlue to do the same.” AP

Other passengers support man who opened emergency exit and walked on plane’s wing in Mexico airport
At first it sounds like a typical case of bad behavior aboard airplanes. The Mexico City International Airport acknowledged in a statement Friday that a man had opened an emergency exit and walked out on a wing of a plane that was parked and waiting for takeoff Thursday. AP


93 Americans died after cosmetic surgery in Dominican Republic over 14 years
Dozens of U.S. citizens died after receiving cosmetic surgery in the Dominican Republic over a 14-year period, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The agency found that 93 Americans died after undergoing such procedures in the Caribbean country between 2009 and 2022. CBS News

Double dose of storms set to impact the eastern half of the country this weekend
Two separate storm systems will impact the eastern half of the country on Friday and through the weekend. For Friday, rain will linger from the Midwest into the Northeast as the first storm on the map slowly moves through these regions. For places like New York City, this will extend what has been a dreary stretch of cloudy and drizzly days where the sun hasn’t shined in five days, since Monday afternoon. NBC News

Roaring winds pushed passenger plane to record speed — and early landing
China Airlines Flight 5116 rocketed to a speed of 826 mph as it bolted eastward across the Pacific Ocean on Thursday, potentially breaking informal records for passenger travel. The commercial flight, which departed from Taipei, landed more than an hour early in Los Angeles, propelled by exceptionally strong tailwinds. Washington Post


Southwest to stock overdose reversal drug on flights
Southwest Airlines will now carry the opioid overdose-reversal drug naloxone on flights. Ballwin resident John Gaal and other advocates have been lobbying the airline to carry naloxone, which is also called Narcan, to protect passengers from opioid overdoses since Gaal witnessed an apparent overdose on a Southwest flight in October 2022. “This stuff’s happening on the ground and obviously 35,000 feet in the air,” he said. “You know, you got to prepare for this stuff.” STLPR


Avelo Airlines briefly pausing flights from Redding to Hollywood Burbank Airport
The Redding Regional Airport is seeing a pause in some flights to Southern California. Redding Airport representatives shared via Facebook on Jan. 22 that Avelo Airlines is briefly pausing flights between Redding and the Hollywood Burbank Airport. They detailed that the break in flights “will allow the airline to prioritize aircraft maintenance.” In addition, they said it’s currently “a slower travel period,” and the pause will help with “preparation for the peak travel season.” KRCR

This North American country is the safest for travelers in 2024—and it’s not the U.S.
After ranking sixth last year, Canada climbed to the No. 1 spot on the list of safest countries for travelers in 2024. Canada ranked highly because its cold weather and low population density make for safe travel. Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection also stated that in Canada, it’s important to watch out for wildfires and the reduced air quality in most major Canadian cities because of them. CNBC

World’s first IVF rhino pregnancy ‘could save species’
A fertility breakthrough has offered hope for saving the northern white rhino from extinction – there are only two of the animals left on the planet. Scientists have achieved the world’s first IVF rhino pregnancy, successfully transferring a lab-created rhino embryo into a surrogate mother. The procedure was carried out with southern white rhinos, a closely related sub-species of northern whites. BBC

The world’s largest cruise ship has 20 decks, 7 pools and would cover almost 4 city blocks
The world’s largest cruise ship — the size of almost four city blocks — is set to begin its maiden voyage Saturday as it leaves from the Port of Miami. Royal Caribbean’s Icon of the Seas, which runs nearly 1,200 feet (365 meters) from bow to stern. The ship, which is leaving South Florida for its first seven-day island-hopping voyage through the tropics, was officially christened Tuesday with help from soccer legend Lionel Messi and his Inter Miami teammates. AP

Flight diverted? Seize the opportunity to discover a surprising new place
Behind the cloisters of Basel’s grand cathedral, the Munster, stands a viewing platform that commands one of the finest urban views in Europe. Beneath you flows the Rhine, with handsome townhouses on the far bank and the pines of the Black Forest beyond. Three hours earlier, when the Ryanair Boeing 737 had taken off from London Stansted, I had no idea I would be in Switzerland later that morning. My ticket asserted, and imagined, I was off to Baden-Baden, a lovely spa town in southwest Germany. But Baden-Baden is a fog-prone airport. The Independent


Friday, January 26
Yesterday’s TSA checkpoint numbers
TSA officers screened 2,221,349 people at airport checkpoints nationwide yesterday, January 25. One year ago on the same day: 2,097,825. (TSA)

Europe faces a measles outbreak
Measles, a disease preventable by vaccination, is resurgent in parts of Europe, including Britain. Small outbreaks have also popped up in multiple parts of the United States. In Europe, reported measles cases rose more than 40-fold last year compared with 2022, the World Health Organization said on Tuesday. Nearly a third of those cases were in Kazakhstan, where the outbreak is attributed largely to children who missed routine immunizations. (The country straddles both Europe and Asia; the W.H.O. considers it part of the “European Region.”) Experts fear the virus could spread beyond Kazakhstan. The New York Times

Halt to train service through San Clemente is indefinite following new landslide
Transportation and city officials are again grappling with a landslide that sent debris onto railroad tracks in San Clemente, shutting down the rail line indefinitely. It’s been a recurring issue in recent years that has decision-makers wondering what to do about the vulnerable section of coastal train tracks. This landslide has also indefinitely disabled the town’s popular coastal trail. The worsening of the landslide on Wednesday, Jan. 24, caused so much damage to the Mariposa Bridge it was “precariously hanging over the tracks and must be removed as soon as possible,” Councilman Chris Duncan said Thursday morning. “The bridge is beyond repair.”  Orange County Register

Brazilian airline Gol to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in US
Gol Linhas Aereas Inteligentes SA filed for bankruptcy, capping the Brazilian airline’s ill-fated efforts to bounce back from the Covid-19 pandemic. The low-cost carrier filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on Thursday in New York, according to court filings. The move allows Gol to keep operating while it seeks approval of a creditor-repayment plan. Bloomberg

Burbank Airport breaks ground for new terminal
Ninety years after it opened and eight years after getting a green light for construction and expansion, ground is finally being broken Thursday for a 21st-century passenger terminal at Hollywood Burbank Airport. ty Images By KNX News 97.1 FM KNX News 97.1 FM 18 hours ago Ninety years after it opened and eight years after getting a green light for construction and expansion, ground is finally being broken Thursday for a 21st-century passenger terminal at Hollywood Burbank Airport. The old terminal, first built in 1930, has been upgraded over the years, but concerns about the building being too close to the runway and its ability to survive a significant earthquake finally promoted this major overhaul.  KNX News

American Airlines (AAL) Q4 2023 earnings
American Airlines on Thursday posted a $19 million profit for the last three months of 2023. The airline beat Wall Street estimates on the top and bottom lines. The earnings report comes on a a busy day for the airline industry, with Southwest and Alaska also reporting fourth-quarter earnings. CNBC

Southwest Airlines takes Boeing Max 7 out of fleet plan for 2024
Southwest said it removed the Boeing 737 Max 7 from its capacity plans in 2024. The smallest model in the 737 Max family hasn’t yet been certified by the FAA. Southwest is the latest airline to rethink its fleet plans because of certification delays. CNBC

At American Airlines, the goal is 100% internet bookings — direct and indirect
If it wasn’t already clear prior to the end of last year, American Airlines executives crystallized it during Thursday’s Q4 earnings call: American eventually plans to go to 100% internet bookings — in the direct and travel agency channels. Agency internet bookings are via the New Distribution Capability (NDC) technology standard. “We sell our product through the internet. That’s what our customers demand,” American chief commercial officer Vasu Raja said. “That’s how we can give them the best content at the lowest expenses to them and the best servicing. … As we go forward, we’re going to lean further into this. We need to make it easy for our customers to consume our content through the internet.”  Travel Weekly

Delta adds bigger aircraft, flight for traveling Lions fans
Delta Air Lines is bringing in the “big guns” − meaning, a bigger aircraft − to ferry the crush of Detroit Lions headed to California for Sunday’s NFC championship game against the San Francisco 49ers. Delta is also adding another flight to bring them back from San Francisco to Detroit Metro Airport on Monday morning. Detroit Free Press

Death of New York City dancer blamed on severe allergic reaction to cookies not labeled for peanuts
A New York City dancer went into anaphylactic shock and died after eating cookies not labeled for peanuts, prompting a recall of the baked goods in question, officials said Wednesday. Órla Baxendale, 25, passed away on Jan. 11 after consuming Vanilla Florentine Cookies that “contained undisclosed peanuts” and were sold at popular regional supermarket Stew Leonard’s, the woman’s lawyer Marijo Adimey said in statement. “Her sudden loss is not only a personal tragedy for her family and friends but also a significant loss to the artistic community,” Adimey said. NBC News

Before part of an Alaska Airlines plane blew off, Boeing had removed and adjusted it
Before the plane took its first flight, Boeing had removed and reinstalled the part that blew off of an Alaska Airlines flight on January 5, according to reports from the New York Times and the Seattle Times, both citing a person familiar with the matter. Although federal investigators continue to probe the incident and have not reached any conclusions, the details could provide critical new insight into what may have caused a gaping hole to form in a 737 Max 9 mid-flight. CNN

Ukrainian-born model crowned Miss Japan sparks national identity debate
A Ukrainian model has won the top prize in the Miss Japan pageant, leading to debates across the country about national identity. Carolina Shiino, 26, is the first naturalised Japanese citizen to take the crown. The model was born in Ukraine to Ukrainian parents, but has lived in Japan since the age of five, when her family relocated to Nagoya city. The Telegraph


Thursday, January 25
Yesterday’s TSA checkpoint numbers
TSA officers screened 1,813,074 people at airport checkpoints nationwide yesterday, January 24. One year ago on the same day: 1,677,909. (TSA)

Delta Boeing plane loses wheel while taxiing for takeoff
A Delta Air Lines Boeing plane lost a nose wheel before it took off Saturday from the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. A spokesperson for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said in a statement that the Boeing 757 plane lost its nose wheel as it was preparing for takeoff just after 11 a.m. to head to Bogota, Colombia. All passengers were deplaned and bused back to the terminal, the spokesperson said. The Hill

FAA puts limits on Boeing 737 output, clears path for grounded jets to fly
U.S. air-safety regulators on Wednesday put limits on Boeing’s production of 737 MAX jets, but cleared the way for grounded jets to resume flying after airlines complete inspections. Most of Boeing’s MAX 9 jets were grounded on Jan. 6, a day after a near-catastrophe on an Alaska Airlines flight. A door plug ripped away from the plane shortly after it took off, leaving a gaping hole the size of an emergency exit in its side. WSJ


Two cruise passengers allegedly brought more than 100 bags of marijuana on board
Two Norwegian Cruise Line passengers allegedly brought more than 100 bags of marijuana on the line’s Norwegian Joy ship. Michael Quesenberry and Savannah Rose Minami brought roughly 71.9 kilograms combined on a sailing that was set to depart from Miami for Southampton, England on Jan. 11, according to a criminal complaint filed in the Southern District of Florida. USA Today


This Bermuda airline just launched 2 new U.S. routes — and is celebrating with flights starting at $99
BermudAir, a Bermuda-based airline, will soon be boarding in Baltimore and Orlando is having a flight sale to celebrate. Starting March 18, BermudAir, which launched last year, will begin servicing travelers from Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI), bringing them directly to the island. Shortly after, on March 26, visitors will be able to catch direct flights to Bermuda from Orlando International Airport (MCO). T+L

Princess Cruises cancels Sun Princess’ inaugural voyage following delivery postponement
Princess Cruises and Italy’s Fincantieri shipbuilding company have announced a mutual agreement to delay the delivery of the highly anticipated Sun Princess, resulting in the cancellation of the vessel’s inaugural 10-day voyage that had been set to depart from Barcelona, Spain on February 8. Travel Pulse

Unruly passengers were a problem before the pandemic. Now they’re even worse
Passenger Philip Baum recently experienced one of the most uncomfortable flights of his life. To Baum, it was obvious his seatmate, a stranger, was drunk. Flight crew, he says, “denied him alcohol.” “But in front of me, he managed to sneak more alcohol off the trolley,” Baum recalls. CNN


Amtrak and Metrolink train service suspended between Orange and San Diego counties after San Clemente landslide
After a landslide this month again closed San Clemente’s Mariposa Bridge to pedestrians and bicyclists, Amtrak and Metrolink suspended passenger rail services through the area Wednesday after another landslide caused boulders and debris to fall onto the tracks, officials said. Rail services were suspended between the Laguna Niguel/Mission Viejo and Oceanside stations as of late Wednesday afternoon, Orange County Supervisor Katrina Foley said in a news release. Daily Breeze

Disneyland commits $1.9 billion to proposed theme park expansion plan
Disney is committed to spending at least $1.9 billion over the next decade as part of the long-term Disneyland Forward proposal. New details about the development agreement between Disney and Anaheim were released on Jan. 23 during an informational workshop for Disneyland Forward. KTLA

Migrant families set up camp in Boston airport as Bay State overwhelmed by arrivals: ‘We need DC to act’
Dozens of migrant families have set up camp in Boston’s international airport as Massachusetts struggles to find shelter for the booming migrant population. Nearly 100 people, including many young children, have been sleeping on cots on the ground at Logan International Airport’s international terminal in scenes eerily similar to those at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. NY Post

American Airlines passenger reportedly removed from flight after ‘disgruntled’ flatulence
An American Airlines flight was reportedly delayed after a “disgruntled” passenger loudly passed gas and was removed from the plane. In a viral Reddit post shared to the r/Austin subreddit, user u/Glamgalatx detailed their recent American Airlines flight from Phoenix, Arizona, to Austin, Texas. According to the Reddit user, the incident took place on Sunday 14 January. The Independent

US warns citizens against crime situation in The Bahamas
The United States on Wednesday blamed “retaliatory gang violence” as the primary motive for murders in The Bahamas as it warned its nationals to be aware of the situation when visiting the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) country. In a statement, the US embassy here advised American citizens to be “aware that 18 murders have occurred in Nassau since the beginning of 2024.1.24” Loop Caribbean News

Wednesday, January 24
Yesterday’s TSA checkpoint numbers
TSA officers screened 1,605,605 people at airport checkpoints nationwide yesterday, January 23. One year ago on the same day: 1,567,069. (TSA)

Technical issues cause underground trains at Denver International Airport to run at limited capacity
The underground trains to the concourses at Denver International Airport are running at limited capacity. That’s according to airport officials, who said on Tuesday morning that technical issues are to blame. They said buses are being used to take some passengers from the terminal to their concourses. CBS Colorado

Alaska Airlines CEO says company found loose bolts on ‘many’ Boeing Max 9s
Alaska Airlines CEO Ben Minicucci revealed the carrier found “some loose bolts on many” Boeing 737 Max 9s in an interview for “NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt” on Tuesday. It was the CEO’s first interview since a door plug on one of its Max 9 airplanes shot out from the side of the fuselage only a few minutes into a flight from Portland, Oregon, to Ontario, California, forcing the pilot to make an emergency landing. CNN Business


United CEO casts doubt on Boeing 737 Max 10 order
United is considering fleet plans without the Boeing 737 Max 10. CEO Scott Kirby expressed frustration with delays and manufacturing issues at Boeing. Kirby said the Max 9 grounding after a door plug blew on an Alaska Airlines flight is the “straw that broke the camel’s back.” CNBC


American Airlines flight diverted to Houston due to report of an oven fire
An American Airlines flight was diverted to Houston, Texas, on Sunday due to a reported fire on board. On 21 January, Flight 885 from Texas to North Carolina was diverted due to the fire, according to a statement from American Airlines shared with NBC News. In the statement, the airline specified that the “mechanical issues” on board were caused by the oven in the forward galley. The Independent


New York-bound flight canceled after passenger sees parts missing from wing
Virgin Atlantic canceled a New York-bound flight to conduct additional maintenance checks after a passenger spotted parts missing from the aircraft’s wing. The U.K.-based carrier initiated the checks last week after a passenger told the flight crew about several absent bolt fastener tops, according to the Manchester Evening News, which first reported the flight’s cancellation. FOX Business


A passenger says a Canadian airline’s pilot told him he was a ‘dangerous threat’ because he couldn’t disconnect his wheelchair’s batteries
A Porter Airlines captain denied a passenger from boarding due to his wheelchair’s batteries, per CBC. Although Ken Harrower’s power chair uses a gel battery that IATA says is “non-dangerous.” Porter said the captain made a mistake, and booked Harrower on a flight the next day. Insider


737 Max 9: What travelers need to know
A terrifying Alaska Airlines incident on January 5 that left a hole in the fuselage of a Boeing 737 Max 9 aircraft shortly after takeoff from Portland, Oregon, has raised safety questions and put many would-be air travelers on edge. Investigators are looking closely at the failure of a mid-cabin door plug that detached during the flight, leading the Federal Aviation Administration to ground all US 737 Max 9 aircraft that have the door plug feature until the aircraft can be thoroughly inspected. CNN


US set for new tallest skyscraper with 1,907ft building in surprising city
Forget New York City or Chicago, America is set to get a new location for its tallest skyscraper. Oklahoma City is set to be the surprising location of the United States’ next tallest skyscraper. The proposed Boardwalk at Bricktown would reach a dizzying 1,907 feet high, making it not only the tallest building in the US but the fifth tallest building in the world. Daily Express

These Japanese beef croquettes are so popular there’s a 43-year waitlist
If you order a box of frozen Kobe beef croquettes from Asahiya, a family-run butcher shop in Takasago City in western Japan’s Hyogo Prefecture, it’ll take another 43 years before you receive your order. That isn’t a typo. Forty. Three. Years. Founded in 1926, Asahiya sold meat products from Hyogo prefecture – Kobe beef included – for decades before adding beef croquettes to the shelf in the years following WWII. CNN


No-frills flying emerges as air travel’s painful, greener future
Densely packed aircraft, little legroom and no free drinks. It’s starting to look like the uncomfortable reality of global air travel for more and more passengers as airlines race to decarbonize. The spartan cabins and fuss-free service of low-cost carriers appeared half a century ago, a makeover that made flying affordable to the masses. Since Southwest Airlines Co. first took off from Dallas in 1971, dozens of budget peers including Ryanair Holdings Plc, AirAsia Bhd. and India’s IndiGo have emerged to take on more pricey legacy carriers. Bloomberg


Delta’s new Airbus A321neo is compatible with AirPods
A TikToker has discovered that Delta’s newest plane lets you directly connect your AirPods — or any Bluetooth headphones — to the in-flight entertainment system. On her flight from Seattle to Honolulu, TikTok user Elise Brulotte made an exciting discovery: her plane allowed her to connect her Apple AirPods to the in-flight entertainment system. Apple Insider


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  2. William Walker Jr|

    I have searched your site but can find nothing on the refund policy at Air France which recently sent out a letter to customers announcing an extension of the policy until 30 September 2021.
    How good is this promise by Air France? Is there fine print travelers should know about?

  3. B Manoogian|

    I received an email this morning from a friend who knows that I have stopped reading your news letter due to you “political comments”. He informed me that several others must have felt as I do and wrote to you stating their positions regarding your “Political Comments” regarding the attack on the Capital. We use to live in a country that allowed and encouraged open debate and discussion. Unfortunately, today we live an America where this is not allowed. Your comments on the Capital were the result of either your closed mine or your inability to receive the facts due to the major news sources blocking and presenting only one side of the issue. I know you do not like President Trump – this is something I should not know about you, but it does not allow you to provide only one side of a story as the “Truth”. I hope you will give this and the other comments you have received on this subject full consideration as you continue to publish your newsletter. I am willing to give you a second chance – Good Luck. Don’t blow it.

    1. Katey|

      Its his blog..he can say whatever he wants..if you don’t like it…move on

  4. SMC|

    He doesn’t need your validation nor your threat to not read the blog. Just don’t do it if you don’t want to . And it’s closed “mind” not mine.

    The evidence of truth for the January 6 riots is in all the footage especially the sound. That’s all one needs to hear and see.

  5. Carolyn Lancaster|

    Where is the Map App Every Traveler should have? I’ve looked through your site and not seen it. Thanks.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Hi! Sorry. I forgot to highlight it. It was under Friday’s tip but the direct link is

      1. John J|

        No android version? Boooooo!

        1. Johnny Jet|

          Looks like there is. From a reader
          On Android:

          • Press and hold the power and volume down buttons at the same time.
          • Screenshot (full screen) will be saved to the “Screenshots” folder

          The process may vary if you have a more ‘skinned Android phone (Samsung, etc.).

  6. james wilson|

    I have read the whole thing looking for the map and never found it. This has happened before. When you put a clickbait headline on your email please let us find it when we click through.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Hi! Sorry. I forgot to highlight it. It was under Friday’s tip but the direct link is

  7. Stefan|

    Thanks for sharing your tips with us.

  8. Robin Chalkley|

    5,800 people getting COVID after vaccinations is a ridiculously small number – .005 percent. And the vaccines were never “bulletproof”, it’s always been known that they are about 90% effective according to the manufacturers. This is the kind of statistical b.s. that serves to keep people needlessly afraid when the situation nationally is significantly improving.

  9. Lybrand@yahoo.com|

    How Can I Copyright Protect Stories and Articles on My Website?

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    Amazing guide…. Thanks for sharing this wonderful article.

  11. Yankiwi|

    I agree with B Manoogian. Keep politics out of Johnny Jet.

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    Great Information , Thanks For haring such a informative blogs.

  13. Lynne Ranney|

    I value and appreciate this newsletter’s comments about the January 6, 2021 attack on our Capital. Hundreds of hours of video taken by hundreds of people, including those involved in the attack themselves, show just what happened. There is no legitimate doubt and no room for speculation. I am a patriot and will never, ever, forget the lawlessness of that day and the cries to “Hang Mike Pence” and “Kill Pelosi.” For now, we can only debate who was behind the attack, but eventually we will know, thanks to the bipartisan House investigation.

    Johnny Jet has every right to state the facts in *his* own newsletter. There is no requirement for him to give voice or space to any perspective. If there were such a requirement, Fox News would not exist. If you benefit from the information in this newsletter – which you get for free – you can endure an occasional comment with which you disagree. Big deal. It’s not like you’re being maced or hit with bear spray, or being crushed between doors, while trying to protect the Capital and *all* our elected representatives. It’s not like you risked your own life to protect our elected politicians, then were badly treated by half of them, who even denied anything happened. It’s not like you were driven to suicide by these terrible events, like four officers were.

  14. Kirill Nesterenko|

    Thanks, Johnny!
    This is a good list of things that are rarely found on regular travel checklists.
    Especially now, we are planning our corporate trip to the anniversary of our company, so it was very interesting to read your article!
    WorkTime team

  15. James F Bauer|

    So TSA processed 1.6 M travelers yesterday, without a single suicide bomber. In fact, I don’t recall the last time they had a suicide bomber.

    Perhaps the Government should have used TSA to process Afghanistan travelers, instead of the Taliban.

  16. Ann|

    I have a question about VeriFLY… I understand how to input my personal information, but I don’t know how to upload my travel info or vaccine or test info and I can not locate anyplace with steps to help. American Airlines and British Air both keep sending emails to sign up, but I no instructions on how to connect the flights. Can you help?
    Many thanks

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Hi Ann,

      Try this post https://onemileatatime.com/verifly/

  17. Douglas Lock|

    The wife and I are flying away for 5 weeks on back to back OAT trips to Sicily and Turkey early next week. Got our Covid vaccination booster shots thanks to your tip and our flu shots as well. Also our KN95’s. Wish us luck!
    Doug Lock – a few blocks east of you.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Good luck! Let me know how it goes

  18. Annie|

    I’m looking for a job stop trip from Ontario CA to Boise Id. I checked Expedia which showed non of the major airlines having a non-stop. How do I find the odd named smaller airlines to see if they have the flight? All I could think of is Jet Blue and Spirit and they didn’t have it. Thanks.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Try Avelo

  19. Lonn Wolf|

    I can no longer read your articles because of the constant pop ups that won’t go away and just lead from one pop up to another. The stable ones between articles were manageable, these other invasive species are infuriating. Also trying to hit that little “x” the size of a pin head is impossible on a phone screen, tiny. I will unsubscribe if this continues. What’s the point, teaser titles I can’t get to open without playing duck hunt with the ads.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Hi Lonn,

      Thank you for bringing this to my attention. We don’t have pop up ads just the newsletter signup once every 30 days. There is also a small video player at the bottom and the X is in the upper right. I can see if they can make it bigger.

  20. B. Manoogian|

    In January I sent you comments regarding your politics getting in the way of your impartial reviews and reporting. At that time I told you that I had stopped reading you newsletter because of you political comments, but I had been told by several friends that you had changed and this was no longer happening. I have been enjoying your newsletter since. Well that all changed in mid-November when you posted a special review on the sale of the Trump Hotel in Washington DC. In this article you tell of your special tour of this INFAMOUS hotel. You went on to say “The hotel is arguably one of the most beautiful hotels in the United States”. Why is it that you wait until Trump is selling this hotel that you tell of your wonderful visit and this beautiful hotel? It looks to me that once again your political leanings have entered into your reviews and once again I am out of here. Just how many other GREAT hotels are out there that you will not report on because the owners have political views contrary to yours? Or how many average hotels get superb reviews because you agree with the political leaning of the owners. I feel sorry for you and anyone else that puts politics above the truth and honest reporting.

  21. Bernice|

    Canadians flying from Bellingham to Las Vegas by Allegiant Air, will we be required to show a negative Covid test for this flight? Does TSA require same? Thank you.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Flying to the USA does require a negative test but not within the USA

  22. Wendy Westley|

    Hi Johnny Jet,
    Love your newsletter. Since you are featuring opinions from Bill Gates, it might we a good idea to watch this to get a perspective that about 35% or more of Americans have of his opinions:

  23. John Anderson|

    Hi Johnny, Great for informing and sharing us 12 Things in Travel You Need to Know Today. As going back to be a traveler. I want to know on what new in traveling so that I’ll thankful I found this. Keep sharing and keep it up.

  24. Sue Hankin|

    Hey Johnny,
    Just wondering, TSA officers screened 1,200,580 yesterday, Same number a week ago and 2019?????

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Good catch! I will fix. It’s 1,059,741

  25. Susan S|

    Love your newsletter, Johnny! Do you have a source that you recommend for reviews or ratings of international airports? I have found a few websites, but there either have ratings based on very few reviews, or they seem very outdated.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Thanks! They’re all pretty bias but this is the most popular one https://skytraxratings.com/a-z-of-airport-ratings

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    One or more of our advertisers’ goods are mentioned in this post. When you click on links to such items, we may gain commission. lovely newsletter thank you

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    You have some good information on your website. I have been reading your 12 things in travel section for several years. Your suggested items for travel have been very helpful.

    Unfortunately, it appears that you just can’t help including politics into your blog.
    Your dislike for President Trump has no place in a travel blog if you want to keep 50% of your audience.

    Just a Thought

  29. Kyle Blake|

    Hi Johnny,
    Recently, you posted something about United extending their ETCs that were scheduled to expire 12/31/22 to 12/31/2023. I have 5 from a cancelled quarantine period wedding, but haven’t received notice from United. I tried finding your post or something on United’s site that would verify the extension, but can’t. Can you point me in the right direction? If I can’t, I have to start booking travel quickly! Thank you!

    1. Johnny Jet|

      You sure it was me? Can’t even remember but I know Delta extended theirs and I wrote about it

  30. Jack Delehey|

    Thank you for this informative article! I hope all travelers could read this wonderful article of yours.

  31. Emma Miller|

    Hi Johnny! Traveling around the globe is very beautiful but now a days have a little changes because of the changes of flight ticket increases due to the economic sustainability. But when you touch down to your destinations, it’s priceless and the beauty of the places is exquisite. Thank you for sharing this blog. I remember those days. Keep sharing!

  32. What|

    Crime in Philadelphia has soared with Larry Krasner as the DA. Refuses to prosecute criminals, refuses to support the police and thus more crime, more death and in general lawlessness. Put blame for the rise in crime in Philie wear it belongs, it belongs to “communist” DA Larry Krasner.
    More detail here: https://www.heritage.org/crime-and-justice/commentary/meet-larry-krasner-the-rogue-prosecutor-wreaking-havoc-philadelphia

  33. David Fleischer|

    I signed up for program to get Global Entry appointment faster.
    I was delighted to get a few messages this AM about possible dates in next few weeks (GREAT!)
    I clicked on desirable date
    It took me to LOGIN.gov and I completed some non-related comments re: date I had chosen (July 27). [IS IT CORRECT THAT I SHOULD GO TO THIS SITE?. I DIDNT SEEM TO HAVE OPTIONS)
    When I left that page the process dropped
    I got no feedback about the date I had chosen and when I went back to the email, it was still there. I don’t feel that johnnyjet has advanced my cause.
    Please explain. Should I have done anything differently. Thanks David Fleischer
    *** My application is pending but I haven’t completed background check. Can I still apply for interview?

  34. Lucas James|

    Hi Johnny, I’d really appreciate more posts like this. Being updated on recent news is something I’m not too good at so I enjoy posts like this that keep big scoops compact and neat. Thanks a lot, Johnny.

  35. Peter Brezinski|

    Be careful when posting TSA numbers. Very often, the same number is posted for 2019 and pre-pandemic. It happened in newsletter of July 16.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Good catch! I just fixed it

  36. Thomas|

    Very detailed post


    My mom is 94 today also. They were made of good stock back in those days! I’m sending up prayers for your dad’s recovery and health ?

    1. Johnny Jet|

      That’s AMAZING! HBD to your mom. Thank you for the prayers

  38. Jay Alexander|

    Where can I find tour informtion for Portugal, would like togo to Lourdes next year with my wife and sister in-law.

  39. John J|

    Johnny, why am I suddenly getting a pop-up asking me to sign in with my email when I’m reading your weekly newsletter? It’s never happened before…

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Sorry for the delay. Are you still getting it?

  40. Debbie Dutton|

    If you have any information about the Westjet proposed pilots strike we would like to hear about it pls. Also what are our options should our flight be cancelled due to such a strike? Our options are different in Canada and do not have the same rules as U.S.A and often not clear.
    Many thanks for your wonderful information

  41. Olivia|

    Love your newsletters but I used the TA you recommend for cruising and was very disappointed. He was supposed to issue a $200 OBC and it never showed up. I sent an email a week before we left and he never responded. I called and he was out of the office. No out of office reply to email or an emergency contact by phone when we wasn’t available.
    It was our first cruise and we loved it but I would recommend this agent.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      I’m sorry to hear this. I will email him to find out what happened.

  42. Kent Clyde|

    Well that’s true, it’s better to use the companion fare on more expensive tickets. I was trying to say that long flights are not necessarily more expensive. Short flights can be expensive too. It really depends on the cities you fly between and when you book.

  43. Nors|

    I think that it is interesting that oversized people think that airlines should offer then free seats. Perhaps the airlines could do what the cruise ships do which is offer seats at 150% similar as to what cruise lines do for singles. (I really don’t think that there is an easy answer to this question, This proposal opens a pandoras box of issues – I suspect that a lot of people can think of why they might benefit from an extra free seat, e.g. people flying with babies/small children; people flying with medical equipment; people flying with service animals; people working; etc.)

    On the issue of cruise ships, I often feel not appreciated as a cruiser because not only do I often have to pay 150% but the single rooms that are available to single cruisers are often on the lowest deck with no balcony/veranda (with very few exceptions) and often at a higher rate.

  44. Alyza|

    Such a great article! Thanks for sharing.

  45. Richard G Allen|

    Hello –

    I just read the article titled “Woman in tears after being blocked from luxury cruise due to little known rule”. After reading this, I am still not clear as to why she was denied to board. It says something about an invalid issue date. What is an “invalid issue date”. How can you have a valid passport with an expiration date 7 months in the future if the Passport has an “invalid issue date”? Please explain.


    1. Johnny Jet|

      I wasn’t clear either.

  46. Ross Copas|

    What’s your recommended VPN

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